New and Other Collaboration Tools

Anyone here all in the cloud?  By that I mean “cloud computing” which is just a buzzword for using mostly online tools rather than programs loaded onto single computers.  It’s much better than leaving documents on the wrong laptop or having to send cumbersome attachments or toting around thumb drives.

I’m not saying there aren’t any disadvantages.  For the most part, the free or online tools don’t have as many features.  But for basic word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and more there are a wealth of tools and they’re getting better all the time.

I’ll assume that you’re familiar with Google Documents.  It’s definitely the most convenient and they’ve recently added more templates, translation, and now even equations which should be useful to advanced math students.

Very similar to Google Docs, but with a few more features is Zoho’s Writer.  This is much more like a complete word processor and probably the most you can get without downloading Open Office.

My personal favorite is Adobe’s Buzzword.  It’s simple, yet stylish and inviting.  It’s a bare bones word processor, but intuitive and being Flash-based, much nicer looking than most.  Now Adobe has completely revamped and has a whole suite of tools at  They have Buzzword, a new Presentation tool, a new spreadsheet tool called Table, an area to upload and store all your PDFs (so you can clear out that downloads folder  of yours and keep everything safe) and they have an online meeting space.  This is certainly worth a look.

Whatever tools you use, and whether or not you’re completely “in the cloud,” the are plenty of ways to backup, share and collaborate.  Enjoy and leave any other good collaboration tools in the comments.

-Jim Randolph

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  1. I have been using Google Docs, and Windows Live Office, and Windows Live Skydrive to store my documents. I also tried

    They all have their benefits. But what I usually look for in a cloud storage platform is integration with my desktop (e.g. plugin for MS Office, mapping of the cloud drive), and how easy they make it to extract all the documents from their repository.

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