Encouraging the next generation of media specialists

Now is a great time to think about graduate school at UGA.   That means it’s a great time to encourage someone who might consider becoming a media specialist.

In February, we begin admitting prospective media specialists to our fall M.Ed/Ed.S. cohort program leading to SLM certification. We’ll continue admitting qualified candidates until we have a healthy-sized group of 25 or so.  This cohort begins study in the fall.

Over the years, we’ve found that practicing media specialists are the best marketing tool to encourage people to enter the profession.  Many people never think about becoming a school librarian until someone mentions to them, “I think you would make a great media specialist.  Have you ever thought about that?”

If you’re already SLM-certified and seek other routes to career advancement, we offer a non-cohort Ed.S. degree with S6 SLM certification.  An Ed.S. is also available through our “sister” area in Instructional Design & Development, which is a new cohort plan offered out of the UGA Gwinnett campus. It focuses on technology integration and leadership. (Both SLM and IDD are part of the Learning, Design, and Technology program.)

All of our SLM programs are based at Gwinnett and combine face-to-face classes (mostly on Saturdays) with online courses. The typical SLM student attends class on 7 alternating Saturdays per semester and takes another course online.

If you know someone, pass this info along.  Interested candidates should explore the admission requirements and procedures at our program web site (http://www.coe.uga.edu/epit/slm/), and follow up with questions to slmedia@uga.edu.  Information about the “other” IDD/LDT program can be found here: http://www.coe.uga.edu/epit/idd/.

Mary Ann Fitzgerald

University of Georgia


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