How To Remember Who You Are and Where You’re Going: Evernote

This amazing, free tool can get your life so organized that your cohorts will not recognize you! Evernote is a means by which you can collect everything (from web pages to audio files to personal notes to bills to virtually anything you see) and organize as searchable content. Items can be assigned tags so that all contents are easily searched. But, entries can also be searched by any word in the document, not just assigned tags.

So, what kind of gallimaufry can be assembled with this tool? Word documents, web pages (partial or full), pdf files, photos of ANYTHING, personal notes (Handwritten or typed), audio files, and multimedia files are among the myriad of things that can be included.

Now, how does this work in a professional world? Obviously, the ability to clip and save websites is useful. All websites you save are searchable by any word at the site. Same with documents, any word in the doc, text, pdf, etc. file can be located and highlighted within the document. In addition, anything that is photographed can be searched. This is amazing – simple photos of scratched out notes, bulletin board or white board shots, business cards, air line tickets, purchase orders, to do lists – anything that can be photographed can then be automatically searched. Evernote scans the image and identifies words in the photo. The item is retrieved even though the photographed document has words that may be handwritten!

Think about the way this compilation of data can help you to organize information. Examples listed at the Evernote website include:

  • Snap a photo of a business card or a white board with your phone, and have an easy way to store and access contacts or retrieve information gathered at a meeting or conference.
  • Capture plane tickets and confirmation numbers, hotel invoices, and receipts for your expense reports.
  • Get inspired. Keep a file of anything cool you want to buy for yourself or as a gift, whether it’s online or out in the real world.
  • Keep notes from your meetings all in one place. Take a picture of a whiteboard and you’ll be able to find it later.
  • Plan your next trip. Clip web pages, maps, and itineraries. Capture sights, sounds, tastes, and anything else.
  • Research web sites and clip pages directly from your browser.
  • Keep a record of your favorite foods and drinks by snapping a photo of the label when you find one you like.
  • Remember the things you were supposed to remember. Create to-do lists, jot down random thoughts, leave a voice memo, and more.
  • Create notes right from Twitter and save tweets that you like by following @myEN on Twitter.

Remember that tags can be assigned, so this adds another method for labeling and organizing files and content. And you can create notebooks with specific information included in the notebooks – similar to folders where you organize your files. Think about all the possibilities with this type of capability – immediate access to everything, literally, that you might ever need to remember for professional or personal use!

Phyllis R. Snipes,
University of West Georgia


Evernote Homepage











Sample Evernote Notebook


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