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Biomes Wordle2

I’ve been using Wordle for a long time, but you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! I always disliked the boring standard Wordle colors, and I had changed them occasionally, but I had never tried the custom palette. Now that’s where the pretty stuff has been hiding! The next time you want some variety (or just some PRETTY colors), try selecting the color option on the Wordle toolbar, and then choose “custom palette.” You can then determine the number of colors, and then click on the ugly gray boxes that will appear. Once you click on the ugly gray boxes, you can select from the preset swatches of color or even click on the other tabs to get more specific.

While you’re at it, you can select your own pretty font, and under the language option, remove common English words. This wouldn’t make sense if you pasted in words from a list you had typed, but if you had pasted words from, say, a web page, well, then you could get rid of all your unimportant words. You can also make all your words upper or lower case, and on the layout option, give your arrangement a little more appealing variety as well. I like to have some vertical and some horizontal words, but that’s just me.

The second problem I had with Wordle was that when you embed your Wordle, the picture is so teensy weensy. Problem solved! Once I perfect my Wordle, I just slide it to the center of the screen so it is completely visible, then do a screen shot and paste it into a photo editing program. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy–Paint is fine. Then I crop the photo, save it as a .jpg, and Voila! I have a larger size Wordle to use as an image file.

Ruth Fleet, Library Media Specialist

Dean Rusk Middle School


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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Anne. I also had someone ask me about making one or two words larger than the others, because they are more important to the list. Wordle’s solution doesn’t work for me, but if you add the desired word (or words) to your list several times, that will make it/them larger than your other words, as it would in a tag cloud. You can experiment to see how many times to add the word to get it to the desired size.

  2. Loved Wordle! This was such fun! I passed on my knowledge to my teaching friends!

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