Thinking Visually

After Buffy/The Unquiet Librarian’s great post about her multimedia monthly report I thought I’d share a couple of visual things too. The EdVibes blog has had a couple of very useful posts recently. I’ve gotten hooked on trying to use more conceptual images in my presentations and have relied on Flickr Creative Commons search. A recent EdVibes post includes a link to Project CC. Project CC is collecting all kinds of Creative Commons sites. Check it out for lots of terrific resources. I also really like the Visual Definitions of Web 2.0 that is on EdVibes. Each one of the 30+ different visual definitions includes the image source.

Since I’ve been trying to force my very pronounced left brain tendencies (I’ll admit it, I LIKE PowerPoint for many purposes) I decided to explore a new PPT alternative that’s been getting quite a bit of publicity: Prezi.  I created a small wiki with links about how to use Prezi but what really convinced me to try out Prezi myself was a media specialist created Prezi called Yo…Cab. When you link to Yo…Cab mouse over MORE and choose Autoplay and full screen to get the full effect. Then sit back and enjoy!

Judi Repman

Georgia Southern University


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