Constitution Day Resources

As you celebrate Constitution Day September 17th, here are some wonderful resources:

Constitution Day Resources from the Library of Congress

Constitution Hall

Centuries of Citizenship: A Constitutional Timeline

 Constitution Game

 Constitution Toolkit

 U.S. Constitution Primer


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  1. As a third generation member of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, I made a quick phone call to my chapter because we were “beefing” up Constitution Day at my school. The NSDAR is the #1 patriotic group for anything COLONIAL, so they were a great resource to get “FREE FREE FREE” materials from.

    My chapter donated beautiful posters and I did a display with the materials. It was free. The NSDAR is ALWAYS wanting to find schools for Constitution Day….They just don’t always know where to begin. Next year, contact your local NSDAR group ( to get them involved.
    My display was pretty nice and I pulled books to go with the display. My theme this year was “The Many Brains of the U.S. Constitution,” to play off a quote by James Madison.

    NSDAR chapters who do displays get “points” in their scrapbooks – every chapter does one. If they donate or do a display in your media center, they will need a picture of the display for their scrapbook.

    My chapter and I are both happy – I did the display because I am a member, but the Daughters will do a display. Bookmarks, etc come with the materials.

    Good luck!

    Anne Hendricks-Browning, NBCT
    Librarian at James A. Jackson Elementary
    (member: Pulaski Chapter, NSDAR, Spalding County
    President: Ms. Annette Mouchet)

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