GLMA NewsLeader Digest: September 2009

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Tip of the Month

A second part of the media center orientation for my 7th grade students is a scavenger hunt passport of media center skills.  The passport is designed to access the students’ knowledge in finding and using information in the library.  Online resources, the Destiny catalog, print materials, call numbers, Dewey Decimal system, fiction vs. nonfiction, encyclopedia use, and biography collection are the main aspects of the activity.
The focused nature of the passport provides pre-assessment knowledge of the level of understanding the students have in working in an information environment.  The skills tested usually show the need to work on navigating a library effectively, which we then work on during the 7th grade year.
Location and access of information is step three in the Big6 research and problem-solving process. 

Question of the Month

What ideas do you have for media fundraisers to support your media program? 

Kris Woods, GLMA Communications Chair


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