A Back-to-School Resolution

I’ve seen presentations (including an excellent one by our own Unquiet Librarian, Buffy Hamilton) and had students utilize personal learning network tools like pageflakes and netvibes for the past couple of years. Oh, I’ve used Google Reader for RSS feeds and even used Tabbloid to send my feeds to my e-mail as a pdf. And I knew I needed to upgrade to the next level, but I just never seemed to find time to investigate the tools and set up my own PLN. So I made it by back to school resolution to do both!

Here’s my wiki with PLN resources-there’s also a link to my PLN that I set up with Netvibes. I like social bookmarking tools like delicious but I LOVE organizing my thoughts and resources using a wiki. You can link to my PLN here or through the link on the wiki. I deliberately made my PLN a public space since I’m using it as a teaching tool. In fact, students in my classes are now required to set up a PLN that will grow with them as they go through their school library program. It is a great-but very addictive-Web 2.0 tool!

And the best part of a PLN-it really works! For one of my classes I needed to have students sign up for something. Right there on my PLN (Jane’s E-learning pick of the day) was SignApp, exactly the tool I needed for the job.

Judi Repman

Georgia Southern University


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