Getting Ready!

This year not only will I teach full time (furlough days excepted, of course), interact with my family (even if it’s mostly with my laptop in hand), take school library media graduate courses, and work on my research project I will also (whew!) begin the endeavor known as an internship. That’s right, I will obediently follow around some unsuspecting media specialist (well, she has her suspicions) and do what needs to be done to learn the ropes of my chosen future profession.

Helping me in this will be the book New on the Job, recommended by my professor.  I’ve started it and it’s all the stuff they don’t cover in school (such as dealing with resumes, administrators, professional growth, etc).  It’s a good book and has many great tips, but I just know you readers of the GLMA blog have thoughts on the subject as well.  What advice do you have for us fresh faced little ducklings, waddling out into your media centers to learn all we can from professionals such as yourselves?

There is no end of inspiration for our future library work.  Did you see this wonderful post over at A Year of Reading blog?  Or this awesome presentation from our own Unquiet Librarian?  They can’t help but fire one up for the coming challenges of working in a media center.  But I know there are probably many landmines just waiting for the unwary intern.  So any advice you have will be appreciated by us all.  I’ll be sure to pass it on to my fellow students!


Jim Randolph

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