Is it July already?

I can’t believe that five weeks have passed so quickly! Tomorrow will be my last day in the Baldwin collection. This truly is a case of “so many books, so little time!” I was invited to give a lecture at Goering’s Bookstore on storytelling in the content areas. There was standing room only! Children’s lit students, public librarians and media specialists. They all had wonderful questions, leading me to believe that I have struck a nerve with this topic. As I continue to read I find more and more research confirming the fact that story, or narrative, is a terrific strategy for deepening comprehension. It works for English as an Additional Language students and differently abled students as a differentiation tool. It allows all learners to contextualize their knowledge.

If you have any interest at all in telling stories, you can easily add a strong component to your lessons and lead classroom teachers to new research and resources. Imagine the collaborative opportunities if you look ahead to next year’s curriculum map and think about all the stories you know or books you have that tie into the standards. Put a few titles on bookmarks and place them in teacher mailboxes. Promote cross-curricular lesson plans and offer to help plan them. Let them (teachers) know what you can do to help them achieve their classroom goals.

I have been swimming in books for the past five weeks. I hope to have a bibliography organized by subject posted to my website next week. As time goes on, I will craft some of these episodes I have found in the Baldwin books into ready-to-tell stories. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a 3 minute math story to keep kids’ attention as you wait for the teacher to pick them up? Or give her a story to tell as they get ready for lunch or the bus? How about telling a story about Deborah Sampson who dressed as a man to serve in the Revolutionary War? Let that be a lead in to a digital storytelling project on the war. As I reflect upon this experience, I know that I’m just beginning to mine the possibilities.


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  1. Linda, I am an elementary Media Specialist and I am very interested in incorporating Storytelling into my lessons. Where is your website?

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