ANIMOTO Rocks!!!

I just wanted to share an awesome site with all of you because it’s one of the best, easiest-to-use tools I’ve seen. It may have been discussed here previously, but even if it has been covered before,  it is well worth mentioning again!!

Animoto is a website where images are used to create video as opposed to still slides. The transitions between photos are most engaging! The music audio that can be selected or imported makes the video even more entertaining.


Applications for uploading to an iPhone, blog site, Facebook, email, even YouTube are available. Use it to create content for your lesson plans, assignments, or course materials. You can also have your students create their own educational pieces. At the Animoto site, you can access a printable flyer to use for staff development or faculty meetings to help teachers see excellent uses for Animoto in their instruction.
Here are a few ideas for Animoto…


An invitation to an event;
A message to family or friends with a video made from your photos;
A documentary of your local community
A science experiment
A field trip
Lesson teaching colors to Kindergarteners
Yearbook for your class
Author’s tea, with original stories from students
Step-by-step instructions for anything!

The list goes on and on…the teacher or student is only limited by their imagination!

Animoto is free to use for creating short videos of a limited number of seconds. Music selections are limited when using the free option. However, once you’ve used this little gem, you will find it is well worth the $30 per YEAR to create full length feature videos with music or narration of your choice. It is not only educational and easy to use, but it’s FUN!

Phyllis Snipes,
University of West Georgia

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