Summer Reading the Web 2.0 Way

Last night I attended the webinar on the Future of Books and Reading. I have to admit that I lost track of the discussion because I got so distracted looking at one of the new Web 2.0 tools that 2 of the presenters had developed. It’s called Book Glutton (now that’s a great name!). The idea is that they’ve taken books no longer under copyright restrictions (so lots of classics of course). You can access the electronic versions of the text and mark them up as you read them. The real Web 2.0 wrinkle is that you can form groups who can read the books together and annotate them together! What a cool way to bring a fresh look to some classic titles. You can set up  your own group or join an existing group.

I found an interesting group called Junior English Summer 2009 (currently reading Wuthering Heights). In a recent post in the Washington Post, Ron Charles shared that the Montgomery County school system can no longer require specific summer reading titles because students can no longer be required to purchase school related materials (a topic for another blog post I guess). Mr. Charles says that’s a great way to promote the use of the library (and the advice of librarians). It also might be a great way to get students to try out Book Glutton!


Judi Repman


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