GLMA Summer Institute Agenda

GLMA Summer Institute
June 22-23, 2009
Macon State College

Dear Colleagues:

The GLMA Summer Institute will be held next Monday and Tuesday (June 22-23, 2009) at Macon State College in Macon, GA. This year’s theme is “Recipe for Success: GPS is the Spice and the Media Specialist is the Chef” and we’ve put together an exciting agenda that will be a great working and learning opportunity to help you integrate GPS into your program.

Because we will also be working during this meeting, I would like to ask that you bring with you a laptop and electronic and hard copies of a few lesson plans. This will be useful during our working sessions.

Below you will find a draft agenda and directions to Macon State College. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me or Amanda Griffin in the Executive Office.

We look forward to seeing you next week!


MONDAY, JUNE 22, 2009

8:00 – 10:00 AM – Committee Meetings

  • HRRB Steering Committee
  • Grants Committee

9:30 AM – Registration Opens
10:00 AM – Summer Institute Begins

  • Opening Remarks – Lynn Strickland, Susan Grigsby, Cindy Thompson
  • Ice Breaker – “Quick Fire Challenge”
  • Goals of Summer Institute and History of GPS/Info Lit – Susan Grigsby

11:00 AM – Lesson Plan Builder – Mary Parrish
12:00 PM – Lunch
12:30 PM – Reading Literacy and GPS – Diane Gomes
1:00 PM – Add a Dash of Fun to your Media Center Classroom – Tommy Johns
2:00 PM – Work Sessions
3:00 PM – Break
3:15 PM – Group Report
4:00 PM – Adjourn
4:00 PM – Board Meeting

TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 2009

9:00 AM – Using Data to Design Curriculum – Cindy Thompson
9:30 AM – Pulling it Together with GPS – Pam Smith
10:00 AM – GALILEO Presentation – Karen Minton
11:00 AM – “Quick Fire Challenge” – Using GALILEO
12:00 PM – Lunch
1:00 PM – Web 2.0 Presentation – Buffy Hamilton
2:00 PM – “Quick Fire Challenge” – Using Web 2.0

  • Work Session
  • Presentation of Work and Framework for Continuing the Process
  • Closing Remarks – Judy Serretilla

4:00 PM – Adjourn

Directions – The GLMA Summer Institute will be held at Macon State College in the Learning Support Building Auditorium. To get to the Learning Support Building, enter at the main entrance to Macon State, turn left, and continue on around to the rear parking lots. You will see the Technology and Conference Center building (the last one) and next to it is the building where we will meet in the auditorium on the first floor.

Parking – Parking is available anywhere in the lots except for the faculty section. There is no need for a parking pass.


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