Help a Library Exist!

GSMST_front_elevation_rendering_web I have heard that the wonderful charter Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology (GSMST) will be moving into their new building in August of 2010 without a media center.  Oh, there’s a media center in the plans, but the idea now is to “re-purpose” this area  “since all of the students have laptops.”

So the students don’t read books for pleasure?  They don’t need a place to think, connect share and grow?  Because that’s exactly what a media center is.  That’s what the AASL standards are for.  The media center and an information specialist in the form of a media specialist would be there to provide a place and guidance for these students to do all of these things.

We need ethical and productive members of society who know not only a lot of great math, science and technology but also who can share, and grow personally.  There are so many connections a good media specialist could help them make.

And what about the staff?  Wouldn’t they embrace an information specialist who could collaborate and plan with them and help them find or create pathfinders and wikis and whatever other resources they might not have even considered?

Don’t they want a place that some have compared to a learning “kitchen” or a “kid’s Kinko’s” with a professional who will help them find and create things?  A place where they can think, reflect, meet, socialize and work together in many different ways?

Don’t they want a heart to their school?

That’s all without bringing up the massive amounts of research that shows how beneficial media centers with trained media specialists are.  I’ll add some of that to the end of this post as well.  It’s nothing we’re not all familiar with, but we certainly need to share it with the decision-makers and all of the stakeholders in this case.

This looks like an amazing charter school.  They deserve an amazing media center with an trained information specialist.   Any ideas?  Comments are most welcome.

Research to share:




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  1. Thanks, Linda. I’ve sent a few emails to some papers and county people. I hope others are doing the same. We need to make a fuss and make ourselves heard.

  2. This is a frightening trend. Hall County is opening the DaVinci Academy next year with no library. Students will have laptops and access to a nearby library collection, but no onsite facility. This is one more indication of the coming shift and threat to school librarians. We must find a way to advocate for ourselves and get friendly politicians to advocate for us. We have not been effective in getting our message out to stakeholders and power brokers if these “cutting edge” schools are leaving us behind and only we slms are upset.

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