Summer vacation?

It appears that this here blog is enjoying a relaxed summer schedule.  Me, too.  We all deserve some downtime.

So, today I will only share a couple of thoughts.

First, an alum contacted me several weeks ago with a sad but true story.  In her first year as media specialist, she apparently did such a great job of teaching that the principal was inspired to place her on the “Specials” rotation.

Now, what do you do with that?  What a catch-22. Certainly, we want our media specialists to be good teachers. (This alum, by the way, is one of the minority of our graduates who do not have a teaching degree – and successful examples like her reinforce my belief that we must be open to “outsiders” joining our field. )

But are media specialists who present effective lessons going to be increasingly punished for this ability, by taking away their flexibility and time for collaborative planning? While we must adapt to bad economic times, I hope this trend will not be permanent.

My second thought is really sort of an advertisement-announcement.

At UGA, we have admitted a good-sized Cohort for 2009.  However, we don’t have quite as many Ed.S. students as I’d like – there is an optimal balance, and we’re a bit heavy on the M.Ed. side.  This causes problems with course enrollments, etc.  Therefore: if you are thinking about returning to school to earn an Ed.S., this is a good time to inquire about our program.  Also, if you know of a teacher with a master’s degree who wants to enter SLM, the Ed.S. is a beneficial route for them.  In other words, we have an Ed.S. for both SLM-certified AND for not-yet-certified folks.

Inquire through slmedia at uga dot edu. And/or visit our SLM website.

Happy summer to all – it will pass quickly, and we must enjoy every moment!

Mary Ann Fitzgerald, University of Georgia


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