Thanks are Welcome

thankyouBeing a lowly graduate student in an SLMS program has made me realize how important good mentors are and how important it is to thank them.  While we toss around buzzwords like “PLN” it’s good to remember that these are indeed people and the help they give newbies like us to the field is invaluable.

So whether you have mentored by writing articles, blogging, teaching or taking on the job of working with an intern know that you are appreciated.  If you are a fellow SLM student, don’t forget the thanks!

Buffy posted about a thank you she recently received from a fellow SLMS student in my program, Jennifer Lewis.  She said the email “absolutely made my day” and goes on to thank other librarians she’d worked with.

On my own blog not too long ago, I wrote a post thanking many of my commentors and got this response from someone who is a mentor to so many of us, it’s hard to believe he has the time for this kind of thing:

“You are one of the freshest voices in the field right now and I never miss one of your posts. When you get to be a geezer like me, you’ll find that encouraging new leaders and thinkers is what it’s all about.”

I’ll be living off the high I got from that one for years to come…

So yes, Appreciation Weeks are all fine and all, but it’s the personal thanks from those of us being encouraged that can also be part of what it’s all about.


Jim Randolph


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