GLMA NewsLeader Digest: May 2009

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Tip of the Month

Add items you think of for next year to your Outlook calendar for pre-planning week in July/August so the ideas are there when you return to school.

Question of the Month

What ideas do you have to get all those “lost books” returned at the end of the year? 

Kris Woods, GLMA Communications Chair

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  1. Lynn Bradley

    I post signs around the school and announce the final book due date on the announcements. We also require that students be clear with the media center to participate in field days in our middle school and attend the 8th grade social. I sometimes make a poster to remind students of the final due date and stand holding it as the students get off the bus that morning. It does attact attention!!! Then on subsequent days, we frequently take a cart around from classroom to classroom to gather up the books. Just seeing us reminds students to run to their lockers to retrieve their books. It is NEVER EASY!!!

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