Student Book Reviews

dscf08231dscf08241Recently I collaborated with a senior tech LA teacher on some student book reviews. The students each read three books, chose the one they liked best, and created a review appropriate for our blog, as well as a sign with their review on it to be displayed in the media center. It was a great success! Students came in and showed off their reviews to other students, and many of the books got checked out very quickly.

There are pictures here of a couple of the signs on display in our media center, and our blog is located at .

Next fall I’m planning on sending a generic assignment to our LA department they can tweak to fit their needs, and I’m hoping to do much more of these next year. More kids checking out books = success!

Holly Frilot

Collins Hill High School


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  1. Those are so awesome. The blog looks great too. I was especially impressed that they labeled Go Ask Alice and A Child Called It “novels” because in both cases they have indeed turned out to be mostly or entirely fiction. Good stories, but it’s also good they can distinguish that fact. Great work.

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