Dewey Do or Die: Great Help Is Out There

So, what could possibly be more boring than hearing your teacher say, “Now, boys and girls, we’re going to learn about the Dewey Decimal System.” Groan!!

Good news! There are some really cool websites that provide neat games, worksheets, puzzles, activities, lesson plans, and even flash movies, at all grade levels, on this organizational scheme. When it’s time to help students learn how to locate materials in the SLMC, these entertaining sites can introduce an element of anticipation and excitement to teaching the system.

One website that is very popular with the students in my Cataloging course is the “Alien” website. This is a site where students learn about all of the Dewey categories from “aliens” who visit the earth. Cartoon sketches make this such an appealing site for younger learners.


One site that offers several games with great interaction for students is the studystack site. Check it out:

For very young learners, the caveman’s guide to the Dewey Decimal System is a winner!


This next site has free Powerpoint presentations, game links for kids, and idea sites for teachers.


A game for elementary through advanced level for sorting, alphabetizing, and Dewey order is located at this website:


The last site I’ll share is one that is geared toward high school students. This site has links to information that will help students correctly answer questions that are posed at the site.


There are several additional sites that serve as excellent tools for teaching Dewey to P-12 students, including homeschoolers. I have a handout of Dewey sites that I use with my cataloging class; I’d be happy to share with anyone who would like to have the list. With so many good sites available for teaching students how to use the Dewey System, media specialists have an excellent opportunity to glean from “collective contributions” as they assist students in understanding this scheme for locating information in the media center proper.
Dewey would be proud!!

Phyllis R. Snipes, University of West Georgia


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