Make Your Search Engine Work Smarter With ChunkIt!


So what’s the buzz about ChunkIt? ChunkIt is a browser add-on that lets you search the web along with your favorite search engine while simultaneously breaking down the search results into “chunks” of information divided into various types such as news sources, Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon, and blog posts. Your screen is divided in half with two scroll bars: one for your search engine, and one for the ChunkIt chunks. Your search term is even highlighted on the ChunkIt side of the screen. If you find a chunk you want to send to yourself or a friend, there’s a button just sitting there waiting for you to email the chunk to whomever you please–no cutting and pasting required. ChunkIt also includes a social bookmarking feature like or Diigo so you can easily bookmark sites via ChunkIt. ChunkIt really doesn’t need much explanation, but in case you need further explication, there’s a Lee Lefever/Common Craft-type video that is moderatelyentertaining. There are also some other videos you can watch if you are not at school where they may be blocked. If you like Brain Age for the Nintendo DS, you might want to check out AddLetters, which is where I generated my quick and easy image of Dr. Ryuta Kawashima. I’m a fan myself–even if he is a little pushy.
Ruth Fleet
Creekview High School


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