Time for a little Reader’s Advisory?

This is a hectic time of the year, especially this year with so much uncertainty about the economy and funding. Maybe it’s time to think about that summer reading (for ourselves and our students). Here are some terrific reader’s advisory resources-enjoy! And thank goodness for libraries where we can still find PLENTY of great books to read for FREE! The sites I’ve listed below are freely available on the web. As part of GALILEO we have access to NoveList and NoveList K-8. Both are excellent reader’s advisory tools.

Mid Continent Public Library Reader’s Advisory

There’s something at this great site for everybody. I particularly like the link to Juvenile Series and Sequels, which is searchable by subject. The suggested reading lists for kids, teens and adults are organized thematically.

The Bettendorf Public Library has a nice list of YA books in series and sequels.

Several “bookish” social networking sites have been developed. Each operates in a similar fashion. By using tags you can identify books similar to those you like and also connect with other readers: Shelfari (now part of the amazon.com empire), LibraryThing, and GoodReads are probably the three most popular. BookSprouts is based on the same idea but its focus is on supporting book clubs. You can create a club, join a club or find a book at the site.

If you have some time on your hands (okay, maybe in our next lives) you might try Whichbook.net. Here you can choose a series of opposite elements in a book (happy/sad or conventional/unusual for example) and you adjust a sliding scale for each pair of elements. When you’ve selected your elements, click Go and see what recommendations result. The Reader’s Robot has similar features (choose search the database using appeal factors).

Perhaps in your idle hours you’ve been wondering what books your favorite celebrity has been reading. Check out Who Reads What: Celebrity Reading List. Bet you didn’t know that Carol Burnett’s favorite book was The Yearling!


Judi Repman
Georgia Southern University


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