Marketing 101?

If you don’t follow the insightful blog of Meredith Farkas (you should!), then surf over and read her latest post in which she discusses the need for librarians to have better preparation and training in sales and marketing.  While she is speaking to academic librarianship, I believe this idea definitely applies to school librarians, too.

How many times do we lament that our patrons and teachers don’t really comprehend the wealth of resources and services we have to offer in spite of our best efforts to promote them?  Most school librarians I know would also say collaboration is the number one challenge they face—perhaps if we had some kind of training in marketing and sales techniques, we might feel and/or be more successful in those efforts?

What do you think?  Should school librarians receive some kind of required training Meredith discusses in her blog post?  Do you feel you might be a more effective librarian if you could receive some training in sales and marketing?

Buffy Hamilton, Media Specialist
Creekview High School

About Buffy J. Hamilton

I am a writing and Language Arts teacher who loves learning, literacy, stories, learning, dogs, poetry, fabulous shoes, and good lip gloss. I began my career as a high school English teacher in 1992 and then became a high school librarian and 2011 Library Journal Mover and Shaker before returning to the classroom in August 2016.

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  1. This type of training is the number one need that should be added to all media specialist training programs and should be made available to all practicing school media specialists. It is important to know cataloging, children’s literature, how to conduct research and needs assessmet, intellectual freedom and info on the ALA but that won’t get you far in today’s school. In most schools the media specialist is called upon regularly to provide the public relations for the school; the creation and delivery of mass communications for the school including print and electronic newsletters, TV, Radio and yearbook; the marketing of not only media resources but also the school to the community; the creation, implementation and maintenance of large inventories (books, equipment, subscriptions, teaching materials) for the school; the creation, implementation and maintenance of very complicated budgets. Though often we don’t create the budgets, we just have to make them work. Where are we suppose to gain all the skills needed for these tasks? I certainly didn’t have course work on any of this at VSU in either the Masters or Specialist program.

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