Instructional Materials Exhibition 2009

The end-of-semester madness has arrived at UGA.  Unfortunately, it lasts a whole month. I’m sure all of you can identify with this year-end craziness.

My students have been working very hard, and I’d like to share one of their products with you. Every year, my Information Services class creates an Exhibition of Instructional Materials.  Each student chooses a type of material, literature, technology, or other format to study, and then creates an informational exhibit about that material type.  They gather information about vendors, usage tips, and instructional uses of each.

Most of the handouts for this year’s exhibit can be found here. (The site belongs to Kristie, who assembled the topics together in one place.)

And here is a list of topics:

  • Young Adult Science Fiction/Fantasy
  • Interactive Whiteboard Web Resources
  • Historical Fiction
  • Multicultural Picture Books
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Intermediate Fiction
  • Series Fiction
  • Historical Picture Books
  • WebQuests
  • Pair-It Books (Fiction/Non-Fiction)
  • Fairy Tales
  • Audiobooks
  • Poetry Books
  • Remotes/Clickers (electronic class participation systems)
  • Graphic Novels/Comic Books
  • Student Periodicals
  • Instructional Animation
  • Scansnap
  • Alternative History
  • Digital (or e) Readers
  • Encyclopedias (print)
  • DVDs
  • Graphic Non-fiction Books

Maybe there’s something here that you were about to research for purchase.

Mary Ann Fitzgerald, University of Georgia


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