** GLMA Legislative Update **

Friday, April 3rd will be the 40th and final day of the 2009 session.


As our time at the General Assembly winds down, the action heats up!  Pending legislation is now seen as fair game to amend, table, or fail by both the House and Senate.  It’s politics as usual under the Gold Dome, as Sine Die draws near!


The 2010 Budget

The House and Senate passed different versions of the FY 2010 budget.  Three Representatives and three Senators now meet by conference committee to sort out their differences in time to vote on a final version tomorrow.


One major difference initiated by the Senate includes a change in the funding for the NBC salary incentive.  Though the Senate still funds the program, they calculate the 10% salary incentive on the base starting salary schedule.  Meaning, the incentive that is currently calculated on the teacher’s individual salary will now be calculated on the base starting salary schedule.


HB 278 – Media Center Expenditure Control Waiver

HB 278 waives expenditure controls on media centers funding, staff and professional development, and additional days of instruction for the 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 school years.  


The bill passed the Senate yesterday and now returns to the House since the Senate added several unrelated amendments to the bill.  If the House disagrees with the version passed by the Senate, a conference committee will be appointed to reach a compromise.  We expect the expenditure control waiver language will stay intact. 


Determined to protect the waiver language, the House attached the original HB 278 language to SB 178, a bill that would extend the capitol outlay program through June 2011.  This means we need to keep our eyes on HB 278 and SB 178, as both would waive the expenditure controls through the 2010 school year.


HB 243 – NBC Salary Incentive

HB 243, legislation that grandfathers in NBC teachers who are currently receiving the salary increase and those in the pipeline as of 3/1/09, and makes the salary increase subject to appropriations, passed the Senate yesterday.  The Senate changed this legislation to coincide with the amount of funds they placed in the FY10 budget (see above), calculating the 10% on the base starting salary schedule.  To review the version that passed the Senate, CLICK HERE.


Like HB 278, the House will now either agree or disagree with the Senate version.  If they agree, the bill will be on its way to the Governor.  If they disagree, a conference committee will be appointed.


HB 455 – Contract Deadline Extension

HB 455, which extends the contract deadline from April 15 to May 15 for the 09-10 school year, passed the Senate yesterday.  The Senate added 1) language to remove sunset provisions for the Master Teacher program and 2) language that would allow teachers obtaining leadership certificates to receive a salary supplement only if they are employed in a leadership position.  Those already receiving the the salary incentive would be grandfathered in according to this amendment.


It is now up to the House to either agree or disagree with the Senate version of HB 455.


Time to Contact Legislators is Now!

If you have concerns about legislation pending at the state Capitol, contact your legislators today – for tomorrow night, it will be too late.  To find your legislators, CLICK HERE.


Let us know if you have any questions on the bills listed above or any other pending legislation.  Watch for a session wrap up next week!


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