Media Centers Highlighted in PAGE ONE

PAGE ONE Magazine’s March-April issue contains an article highlighting the changes in today’s 21st century media programs compared to the past.  Check it out online.

For the story the reporter, Lee Raudonis, interviewed Tommie Tatum (Adairsville Middle), Buffy Hamilton and Ruth Fleet (Creekview High in Cherokee), Kris Woods (Teasley Middle in Cherokee), Debbie Hanenkrat (Cass Middle: Bartow), Dale Lyles (Newnan Crossing: Coweta), Anne Wallace (Luella Elementary: Henry), Susan Grigsby (Elkins Point Middle: Fulton), and Paula Galland (Georgia Virtual School).

This reporter could have interviewed almost any Library Media Specialist in the state and would have come away impressed, dazzled, and in awe of what you do all day/every day for our students. (Thanks, Judy S.!)

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  1. You guys are my heroes.

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