** GLMA Legislative Update **

Legislation begins to move quickly at the Georgia General Assembly as Day 30 – Crossover Day – approaches.  Legislation that originates in one chamber must make it to the other chamber by Day 30 in order to be considered for passage this session.  Day 30 will be Thursday, March 12th.


Action this Week

Media Center Expenditure Control Waiver

Yesterday, the House passed HB 278, the Governor’s bill that would waive media center expenditure controls for the 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 school years.  The bill passed 147 to 6, with 27 House members either not voting or excused from the floor.  Click here to see how your Representative voted.  HB 278 now moves to the Senate.  


In a meeting this afternoon, a representative from Lt. Governor Casey Cagle’s office stated that he is in favor of the expenditure control legislation, plans to have the Senate act quickly on the legislation once it moves from the House, and has requested feedback to determine if the sunset provision needs to be extended by one more year (which would include 2011).  Time is of the essence — Start contacting Senators today!  


Find your Senator – HERE

View members of the Senate Education Committee – HERE


Repeal of National Board Certification Salary Increase

The House Education Committee passed HB 243 by committee substitute yesterday.  Another piece of legislation driven by Governor Perdue, the original bill would have repealed all salary increases for National Board Certified teachers, eliminating the program completely.  According to the Lt. Governor’s representative, he supports this program and is hopeful the appropriations committees can find the funds for the program in the 2010 budget.


After Representatives received thousands of communications from teachers, members of the House Education Committee developed a committee substitute that would grandfather in teachers already receiving the salary increase.  Other changes to the program include 

     — requirement of staying in the classroom to receive the 10% (i.e.: teachers who become administrators would no longer be eligible – this would be effective as of 3/1/09)

     — two days approved pay leave to prepare the portfolio is repealed

     — teachers enrolled in the process on or before 3/1/09 will be eligible for the salary increase

     — the salary increase is subject to appropriations


HB 243 will be up for a vote in the House next week.


Now is the Time…

Committees will be meeting constantly next week to move bills by Thursday.  If there is legislation that is important to you, your students, your school, don’t delay in contacting your legislators.  Your phone calls and emails could make all of the difference – as is evidenced by the National Board Certification issue!


Day 40, the final day of the session, is now slated for Friday, April 3rd.


Until next week, stay tuned…


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