logo_ugaFirst of all, I wanted to piggyback on Mary Ann’s Commercial for UGA’s SLM Program.   What she describes is exactly how I got into the program.  The SLMS at my school was the one who pointed me to the program and I couldn’t be more pleased.  As I said to one of my professors last semester: “I finally figured out what I want to do when I grow up!”  (And I’m forty.)

This article convinced me of the importance of titles.  There’s been discussions about the proper name for our position.  Media Specialist? Librarian?  Teacher-Librarian?  It used to seem silly to me but after reading that I’m going with the Canadians on this one and sticking with Teacher-Librarian.  It doesn’t exactly trip lightly off the tongue, but I think it’s a good clue to the the collaboration and teaching done in the profession.

kidlitosphere_buttonThere are many good blogs out there reviewing children’s and young adult literature but until now it’s been a matter of finding them on your own.  No longer!  Pam Coughlan a/k/a MotherReader has done an amazing job of herding these cats into one fantastic place.  Check out Kidlitoshpere Central, a fantastic new resource.

1840_darwinrichmond1And happy Darwin Day!  Heck, it’s a Year of Darwin!  And isn’t some other great man’s birthday as well?  Oh yeah!  Thanks ramerson!


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