2009 Exemplary Library Media Program Information

The Georgia Department of Education has launched the 2009 Exemplary Library Media Program. This will be the eighth year of this recognition program and we are using the same procedures as in past years. There have been several changes in the recognition area and the rubric.

Classroom teachers, parents, administrators, students, community members may nominate their school library media program. (The link to nomination form located below.) Only one nomination is needed to become a part of the exemplary process.

Two library media programs on each level (elementary, middle, and high) will be selected as a GaDOE Exemplary or Exceptional Library Media Program. We welcome and encourage you to nominate your school library media program for this honor.

This is an opportunity for your school and your Library Media program to be honored at the state level. This year, because of time constraints, only the Exemplary Programs will be honored at the State Board meeting in August 2009. The recipients, along with the administration, county office personnel, and others, will be invited to the State Board of Education meeting in August to be recognized by our superintendent and members of the state board. The award winning media center agrees to host an Open House during the school year so that other Library Media Specialists, teachers, administrators, and community members can observe an Exemplary and Exceptional Library Media Program in action. The deadline for nominating a Library Media Program is Friday, February 13, 2009.

The Exemplary Library Media Program utilizes education laws, state board rules, state guidelines, and national standards to help improve, enhance, and enrich the library media program in our schools. A rubric with nineteen indicators has been developed by the GaDOE that not only helps us honor and recognize media programs that meet these standards, but also illustrates those standards to schools that are working toward excellence.

Some of the guidelines that the Georgia Department of Education considers for this recognition are:

Student Achievement: The teacher and the Library Media Specialist use a variety of collaboratively designed tools for assessing student achievement. The Library Media Specialist and teachers also collect and use student data to design activities that will lead to improved student achievement. The library media program supports instructional strategies and learning activities that meet individual needs. The Library Media Specialist uses the Georgia Performance Standards and is familiar with the Lexile initiative.

Flexible Scheduling: DOE Rule IFBD states that flexibly schedule media center access for students and teachers shall be included in school media program implementation. The accessibility refers to the facility, the staff, and the resources and is based on instructional need. Students and teachers must be able to come to the library media center throughout the day to use information sources, to read for pleasure, and to meet and work with other students and teachers.

Collaborative Planning: Planning between the Library Media Specialist and the classroom teacher, which encourages both scheduled and informal visits, is the process that makes a library media program successful. The Library Media Specialist actively plans with and encourages every teacher to participate in the design of instruction. Learning strategies and activities for all students are designed with all teachers who are willing to plan collaboratively.

Staffing: The Library Media Specialist is not shared at any other time with other areas in the school. A Library Media paraprofessional is part of the support team and is not shared in other areas of the school.

There are many other criteria listed in the rubric that I invite you to review and discuss with your Library Media Specialist, school media committee, and other stakeholders. If you feel your library media program meets or exceeds the criteria, I encourage you to write a brief letter of support for your school’s media program and have your media specialist(s) fill out the required paperwork. The narrative does not have to be lengthy or time consuming. The directions and information including the rubric may be accessed at:


If you would like to nominate your school’s Library Media Program, click on the link below:


You are invited to share this link with parents, classroom teachers, community members, and students. Everyone is welcome to submit a nomination.

Please remember the deadline for nominations is: Friday, February 13, 2009. Last year several outstanding schools were nominated after the deadline and were not eligible for consideration.

Applications due: April 17, 2009.

Judy Serritella, Ed.S.
Coordinator of Library Media Services
Standards, Instruction, and Assessment
Georgia Department of Education


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