Some Comments on Comments

One thing I’ve noticed a lack of on this particular blog is commenting.  GLMA blog readers seem to be a tight-lipped bunch.  Don’t worry, my feelings aren’t hurt.  I have tended to be a lurker myself on occasion.  MotherReader and Lee Wind have shaken me out of it and put me into the commenting habit.  Since it’s the time of year for working on habits, I thought I’d share.

Back in November they had a Comment Challenge.  The idea was to get kid’s lit bloggers more connected.  Being a grad student had certainly squeezed time from my own blogging, so I figured I could handle a simple matter of five comments per day on some of my favorite blogs.

The thing about making five comments per day for twenty-one days is that it does indeed become a habit.  Not only that but it has connected me to other new blogs (like the wonderful trip that is Bookie Wookie), made me reevaluate the blogs I follow and sharpen my own blogging; it has made me really evaluate the balance of these things in my life.  Here’s a post from Lee Wind on this issue.  Quite an accomplishment for a silly blog challenge!

I realize some blogs lend themselves more to commenting than do others.  this type of informational blog isn’t going to generate the same back-and-forth as more personal or issue-driven blogs.  Tricia at the wonderfully-named The Miss Rumphius Effect gets plenty, but the amazing sister blog she coordinates with her education students, Open Wide, Look Inside does not.  After posting some comments, she let me know that she’d been wondering if anyone was reading!

Something that held me back from commenting was not always feeling I had much to say other than”right on,” or “I agree.”  Now I realize that’s ok.  So what if you only write, “You rock!” five times this afternoon.  It’s one of the easier things you’ll do and you just might make your favorite bloggers’ day.


Jim Randolph


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  1. It really has, Lee. Thanks so much.

  2. Hi Jim,
    It’s so great to see that “The Comment Challenge” is still having an effect.
    Thanks for being part of it, and spreading the word!

  3. Thanks, Tricia. Link is fixed!

  4. Hi Jim,
    Thanks so much for mentioning both of my blogs! I’m always thrilled to learn people are reading.
    Just so you know, the link to TMRE is actually to Lee’s article on time management. The second blog link works just fine.
    Thanks again!

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