They Won’t Teach You This in Library School…

cc Celeste (via creative commons, Flickr)I’ve just finished my first semester as an SLMS student and during my brief “field experience,” I found a Media specialist in the Production Room one morning, surrounded by students, equipment and lights making last-minute additions to the cue cards and testing the mics before the televised morning announcements began.

“Here’s something they won’t teach you in library school,” she remarked.

There are things they don’t teach you in library school!?

Ok, I’m not that naive.  I already have a master’s in education and have been teaching long enough that I could probably write a book about the things they don’t prepare us for.

So I am wondering, O Wonderful and Experienced Media Specialists, what else are we students going to need to pick up on our own?  There might actually be an elective for production work, but what about book repair? I’ve heard you only get that if you get lucky in your internship.

What else don’t they teach that we might need to read up on?


Jim Randolph

(image cc Celeste, via Creative Commons permission, Flickr)


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  1. There’s a whole series of fun posts over at the ALSC blog called “What I Wasn’t Taught In Library School…”

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