Staying Current

I’m in the same boat as The Science Goddess.  Friends in my SLM program refer to me as a tech guru and it feels strange because I don’t think I posses any special knowledge.  They should witness me flailing about like an old Jerry Lewis character with the school copier.

Just because I have a blog, wiki, and feed reader does not make me a techie.  Of course many of them came into the program without even ever hearing of Google Docs or Delicious so I seemed ahead of the curve.

I see the same thing with my teaching colleagues.  Some of them are flummoxed by email attachments, let alone attempting a mashup.

I’m not even as into this whole “Web 2.0” business as say Buffy Hamilton.  For me, a little goes a long way, but some of these are so easy to learn and use that as media specialists we should be remiss in not promoting the basic ones.

3 online tools that most teachers would benefit from–that would make their jobs easier–are online word processing (like Google Docs or Buzzword), online bookmarking (Delicious, Google Notebook, Diigo), and wikis for personal or team or classroom use (Google Sites, WikiSpaces).  I personally find my feed reader essential, but that’s a post for a different day.

My classmates catch on quick, as most media specialists do, and are now even cluing me in on some nifty online tools now.  It can seem overwhelming to some of our colleagues at first (especially due to some of the goofier names: Delicious?  Twitter?  Come on.)  But we need to show them to just take it a little at a time, play around, and see what works for them.  That’s what’s happened in my graduate cohort and in less than three months we’ve done some amazing things that I bet most of them couldn’t imagine doing without online apps.

As the Science Goddess says, it’s just about staying current.


Jim Randolph


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