Do You Hulu?

A few weeks ago Kris asked me to post each month about Web 2.0 tools. Well this may not sound like an instructional tool, but I read about it on Joyce Valenza’s blog, so I figure if it’s good enough for Joyce, it’s got to be a valid source of information, right? The Web 2.0 utility I’m discussing is Hulu. Have you tried Hulu yet? Don’t have a television or cable or satellite access? Or maybe when those crazy television execs choose to broadcast your favorite program or movie isn’t when you have time to watch it. We do have to go to school and study and stuff, you know. Well, no problem! Hulu allows you to watch your favorite television shows from the comfort of your computer screen, whenever and wherever you want. You can check out your favorite channel, most popular programs, collections, the HD gallery (Hulu will tell you the system requirements), or check out their special features, like “Huluween” or Election ’08. Don’t see your favorite show in any of these lists? Just type the title into the search box and look for it there. They probably have it. And the good news is–it’s all free, free, free! There’s a huge selection of content from over 100 providers such as FOX, NBC Universal, MGM, Sony Pictures Television, and Warner Brothers. No slackers here! This is not TVLand! You can select from over 900 current primetime hits. We’re not talking about lame stuff from the sixties here, people! But what gives Hulu instructional purpose? Suppose you work in a school system that blocks YouTube? Sound familiar? Well, with Hulu, you can legally show a clip from a program (with an instructional purpose that satisfies your standards, of course!) and even share it on your blog or wiki, according to the info below. Here’s the deal, according to the Hulu website:

Hulu is focused on quality and convenience and strives to create the best possible online video experience.

  • Hulu gives users the ability to customize their viewing experience online.
  • Hulu allows users to watch favorites or discover new shows anytime — at home or on the road.
  • Hulu’s search feature helps users find any premium video online even if it is not directly available on

Hulu is easy to use and share. Simply go to, and click on a video to watch right away.

  • Hulu does not require a download of any software. Users only need a Flash 9.0 enabled computer and an Internet connection to enjoy.
  • Hulu offers the freedom to share full-length episodes or clips via e-mail or embed on other Web sites, blogs and social networking pages.
  • Hulu’s clipping feature allows users to select a portion of the video they would like to share.

Hulu is free and legal through an advertising supported model.

  • Videos are available for unlimited streaming; watch favorite shows and clips over and over, for free
  • Videos contain fewer ads than on TV. Advertisements appear during normal commercial breaks
  • Hulu acquires the rights to distribute its videos, making them available to users legally.

Have I steered you wrong about a Web 2.0 tool yet? OK, so this is my first post here, so of course not. But scoot on over to Hulu today and start wasting some time! But before you do, check out these back issues of my Web 2.0 Newsletter. I know you think a newsletter sounds old school, very pre Web 1.0, but it is available online, and hey, it’s actually mildly amusing. Trust me. And you might learn about some new utilities you haven’t met yet. Be sure to download and save them now because the server hosting them may be coming down shortly!

Ruth Fleet, Media Specialist
Creekview High School

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  1. Thanks for spotlighting Hulu and for sharing your newsletters! The newsletters are a great resource.

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