GLMA NewsLeader Digest: August 2008

At the GLMA Summer Institute, a task force worked on the direction GLMA online communications should take for the future.  The task force suggested a more timely communication newsletter than the current quarterly newsletter.  In response to this suggestion, GLMA will now publish a monthly NewsLeader Digest on the GLMA blog.  This digest will provide timely notice of upcoming events and news.  The past NewsLeader newsletters will remain archived on the GLMA website.


Upcoming events:

August 29-30 Decatur Book Festival

September 21 – October 4 Banned Books Week

Catch Up on the Month’s Information:

July 2008 posts

August Media Matters

Remember to…

Register for GaCOMO

Check with RESA district for media trainings this year

Tip of the Month

Help the new teachers in your school with a media newsletter outlining the services you provide and those little tips about the school that only a veteran knows.  Keep it simple and to the point so they can use it as a quick reference as they acclimate to your school.

Question of the Month

How do you introduce the media center program to your students? Leave comments on your best practice and unique ideas for media center orientation.

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  1. I invited the classes in for a 30 minute power point on the Media Center Expectations and Procedures. For the older students I provided a survey time to respond to some questions about the media program in the past and what they would like to see in the future. I will compile their responses, share it with them and the administration.

    I also invite certain grade levels each week for a spotlight lesson (i.e.: Accelerated Reader, Destiny, Library Tour) so it will be more in depth than the orientation time.

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