A Peek Inside an Elementary School Library in China

I missed posting last month because I was lucky enough to be on an amazing trip to China! I know I should have been blogging about my trip as I traveled but I chose not to bring the computer along with me and basically tried to use Internet cafes to just keep up with e-mail. I’m definitely NOT a member of the connected generation!

Georgia Southern has a partnership with Huazhong Normal University in Wuhan China and part of our partnership is to hold a conference so that’s just what we did. One conference activity was a school tour. We visited a high school and an elementary school. I was so excited to see the school library at the elementary school-that whole visit was amazing. I’ve created a scrapblog to share my pictures and impressions:


It will be pretty clear to you that I’m not a scrapbooker nor am I particularly artistic!

The whole trip was amazing-we visited Wuhan, Beijing and Shanghai. I believe I saw more construction in 2 weeks than I’ll see in the next 10 years in the US. China really is a country on the move-and the proportion of young people (under age 25) is very high. The people were very nice and travel was really pretty easy. The elementary school visit was a real highlight along with the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. It’s always really fun to see how things from the US have migrated to other countries-in Shanghai we actually shopped in a store called “everything is 2 yuan”. Since there are 7 yuan in a dollar it’s way better than a dollar store!!

Judi Repman

Georgia Southern


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