GLMA North Central District Report

May 2008



GLMA North Central District had their last meeting on May 1st, 2008 at Clear Creek Middle School in Gilmer County.  Fannin County media specialists provided morning munchies as we welcomed all the participants.  Our first order of business was to congratulate the Gilmer High School Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl team – they won the High School Division of the HRRB State Competition in Athens on March 1st.  Media Specialists Lynn Turner and Jeris Pflueger coached the high school team in their inaugural season. Congratulations were also shared with Fannin County High School media specialist Sharon Griffith – along with classroom teachers, Sharon is a recipient of A T3 Grant to purchase technology for the media center that she will use as she collaborates with classroom teachers.. 

Joy Huddlestun, media specialist from Macedonia Elementary in Cherokee County, provided the attendees with a presentation on Science Fiction and Fantasy for the K-12 educational setting.  Joy provided book suggestion titles for all levels as well as insightful explanations of the genres and their appeal to student readers.  She also included web and print resources that can assist media specialists as they choose titles for their collection as well as collaborate with classroom teachers.


All meetings include a “Best Practices” session where participants divide into smaller groups by level (Elementary, Middle, High) and a volunteer leads the sessions by sharing “Best Practices” she has used and then encourages sharing by the other level attendees.


After lunch, Rebecca Amerson from Cherokee County presented A Spree in Paree, a presentation that mixed photography from Paris with children’s literature. Photographs from Paris’ streets, museums, churches and castles were interspersed with both Fiction and Non-Fiction titles found in school media centers.  It was a very entertaining and informative presentation – many media specialists voiced their desire to create something similar for trips they had taken. We concluded the afternoon with a brief session on copyright and a hands-on technology session – sharing the Library of Congress Public Service Announcements, Lookybook, BookCrossing and Common Craft


During the day, all attendees complete a “Reflection and Feedback” card.

They are asked to record 1 concept they learned today and 1 concept/idea they shared today.  These completed cards are used to draw door prizes as the meeting concludes.


Everyone thanked our hostess, Renee Reed, media specialist at Clear Creek Middle.  She shared her inviting media center as well as providing “freebies” to all attendees.


Esther Brenneman








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