2 Million Minutes

This relatively new video (watch the trailer and link to the blog through the web site) has been getting a lot of press, including a mention in Time Magazine in a story about reforms needed in education. The back story is that the creator of the video, who made his mega millions in the world of high tech, decided to make a video highlighting what he sees as critical issues for high school education in the US. He bases many of his ideas on The World is Flat. (Aside, have you seen the web site WikiSummaries? That’s a new one to me-and The World is Flat is there!)

2 Million Minutes follows 6 high school students-2 in the US, 2 in China and 2 in India–and compares their experiences for the two million minutes they’ll spend in high school. I was so interested just from watching the trailer that I spent the $25 to buy my personal use copy (a school version is $100). I’ve shown it to several faculty colleagues. Everybody agrees that this is the PERFECT title but some have hated it and some have loved it-nobody was left indifferent.

As media specialists, one of our roles is to try to work for change in our schools. I love the professional learning community idea (even though I know it doesn’t always live up to the ideal). This video would be a great tool to use to start a dialog about some big issues we’re all facing.  I’m really interested in anything we can do to help our students develop global perspectives.

If you’ve seen the entire video I’d love to see your comments.

Have a great spring weekend,

Judi Repman

Georgia Southern


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