GPB’s Georgia Graduation Stories Blog



Georgia Public Broadcasting, in collaboration with the Georgia Department of Education and Communities In Schools of Georgia, is gathering stories and interviews as well as video and audio clips that reflect the journey that middle and high school students make towards the goal of high school graduation.

We know that one story may not look like another.  We welcome them all!  We are particularly interested in “user-generated” content, especially student-created multi-media—videos, interviews, etc. of their academic struggles and successes and those who have made an impact on them.  If you would like to feature your students, your school, and your efforts to impact the graduation rate across the state, please share this message with those in your school who can bring this project to life—especially the students themselves!

Submissions can be sent in the following formats: 

Digital Pictures: JPG, GIF, or PNG

Video Clips (30 min. or less): MOV, AVI, MPEG, or WMV

Audio Clips: MP3

The final product will be available to all educators, students and parents in a variety of new media formats, including GPB’s Georgia Graduation Stories Blog.


If you have a completed media project, story to share, or questions, contact:

Barbara O’Brien, Senior Education Project Manager, GPB 404.685.2545

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