Flip for Pure Digital’s Video Camera


The first time I heard about the Pure Digital “Flip” video camera was during my 8:00 AM TIE Network session at COMO last year.  An audience member shared Flip camera information with the group, and then Rebecca Amerson, TIE Network member in Cherokee County, followed up with a link to the School Library Journal ‘s review of the Flip camera.

The “Flip buzz” didn’t stop there!  While watching my DVRed Oprah shows, Oprah gave a shout out to the Flip camera during her recent program featuring the creators of YouTube.  

Then to cap it all off, I received the endorsement of two 11-year-old boys who are relatives of mine.  During a recent family get-together, these two enthusiastic young gentlemen approached me after finding out that I work for GPB.  They wanted to share their “movie making” experience with me, and I couldn’t help but ask them what kind of camera and editing software they used.  You guessed it!  They offered glowing reviews of the Flip video camera.  That’s all I needed to convince me!  When a middle-school student shows that kind of enthusiasm for learning and creating, it’s worth checking out.

I happened to ask Amanda Wooten, TIE Network member in Savannah-Chatham County, where to purchase a Flip camera.  She offered a few suggestions, and then I rushed to Target Wednesday night during GaETC to buy the very last one they had in stock!  It was on sale for $99.99, and offers 30 minutes of recording space. 

Since passing around this new, affordable video camera during my Friday morning TIE Network BYOL session, I’ve received a few follow-up emails.  One message from Jeanne Auensen, TIE Network member in Fulton County, included a link to Amazon.com where the 60-minute camera is listed at a good price. 

I’m not suggesting that you purchase this video camera at one store over another.  As always, it’s best to “shop around” for the best deal!  Flip offers an “educational discount” you may want to investigate.  As a former middle-school / high-school teacher though, this camera seems to be a good solution if your goal is to put video cameras into the hands of students so that they can demonstrate their knowledge and understanding in a creative way.  The Flip is sturdy, doesn’t require extra cords, imports nicely into Windows Movie Maker free video editing software, is PC and MAC compatible and falls “within budget.” 

For a more detailed review, please visit the Flip website or the School Library Journal ‘s online review.  Several TIE Network members have searched for the best Flip prices, and you can read their comments by visiting the Flip Video Camera blog post on the TIE Network website.

Katherine Aiken
Digital Distribution / TIE Network Manager
Georgia Public Broadcasting

Posted on March 19, 2008, in Technology. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. We just bought several, and we love them! 🙂
    Buffy Hamilton

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