Georgia LMS & Annual Evaluations

This is a short post to address the following question about our annual evaluations (from my personal point of view).

How are school library media specialists to be evaluated in Georgia?

I found the following answer in the FAQ on the Georgia DOE website: 

20.  What does my administrator use as an evaluation instrument?

It is a local decision as to what form a principal or administrator uses to evaluate library media specialists.  It is highly recommended that administrators evaluate their library media specialists with an appropriate document and not a teacher evaluation form.  While library media specialists are teachers, the duties and responsibilities differ from classroom teachers and the teacher evaluation instrument is not suitable for library media specialists.The GMSEP and the evaluation instrument on the Clayton County Web site are the recommended forms for evaluating library media specialists.

I looked for the evaluation instrument on the Clayton County website, but was unable to find it.  I believe that this is the Media Specialist Evaluation Instrument which was updated March 2006 by a GLMA committee and now resides at .  I have given the administrator who is performing my evaluation with a copy of this easy-to-use evaluation tool each year.  Notice that it is to be used in conjunction with the “official” evaluation method that your school system uses.  This evaluation tool will provide you with useful information on your performance as well as provide your administrator with valuable information on your daily job responsibilities.  I looked for an online copy of the Georgia Media Specialist Evaluation Instrument but was unable to find one.  It is the “official” evaluation tool for Georgia Library Media Specialist.Notice that the GMSEP Process is very similar to the GTEP.  The following are what differentiates it from the GTEP:

I was going to insert pics of the GMSEP “Recordkeeping Form” and “Duties and Responsibilities” here, but alas, it is late so I will figure it out at another time. If you want copies email me and I will send them to you.    

If your school system uses the GMSEP then you have to be provided a copy.  Your local RESA should be able to provide you with a copy. 

Another way to evaluate your school library media program is to use the current Exemplary Media Center Program Rubric.  It has been updated for 2008.  It is a great tool to share with administration to demonstrate what an exemplary media program looks like at other schools in Georgia.  I use this rubric every year during my annual evaluation to show my administration where our media program is currently and where we want to be in the future. 

Some online resources for how library media specialists in other locales are evaluated:

How are you evaluated by your school system?  Please share in the comment section.

I also wanted to give an update on the conversation on the new library standards.  Please read Gail Dickinson’s article, “A Place to Stand,” in Library Media Connection, March 2008.  “One of the most exciting aspects of the AASL standards is their far-reaching application to all learners in all subject areas and all learning situations.” “The library standards give the profession a place to stand.” (Dickinson, LMC, pg.12). This article can be accessed in GALILEO.  Dr. Dickinson has also written on the AASL blog on the same subject:

Let’s keep the conversation going and stay proactive as the revision to Information Power is created and published. 

 Cawood Cornelius

Library Media Specialist, NBCT

Sonoraville High School

Calhoun, GA   


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