Education Update

**  Education Update  **New: Electronic Version of HB 1209 Included — see below HB 1209 – Investing in Educational Excellence (IE2) Task ForceSchool System Flexibility and Accountability Legislation Sponsors: Brooks Coleman –  (R) Duluth; Rich Golick – (R) Smyrna; Vance Smith – (R) Pine Mountain; Jim Cole – (R) Forsyth; Howard Maxwell –  (R) Dallas; Bill Hembree – (R) Winston.

HB 1209 passed the House Wednesday afternoon 112 to 58.  The legislation now moves to the Senate.   We anticipate a hearing in the Senate Education and Youth Committee within the next two weeks.  Please let us know if you are interested in visiting the Capitol to discuss this legislation with Senators or if you would like to attend the hearing (schedules permitting). Current Version of HB 1209Click here to review the version of HB 1209 that was passed by the House.  This is the version the Senate Education Committee will work from when it begins hearings. If you have specific concerns about the legislation and how it could effect your students and media centers, please let us know right away.  You are the expert — we need to know your concerns in order to relay them to Senators. Contact Senators Today!Contact the members of the Senate Education and Youth Committee – click hereTo find contact information for Senators – click here. Know YOUR LegislatorsTo locate your Representative and Senator, click here.  Enter your zip code in the top, left corner.  When the next page opens, enter your address in the center of the page – your local Rep. and Senator will be appear.

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Stay tuned… Lasa Joiner & Michelle Crider



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