Kids’ Countdown to Election 2008

Kids’ Countdown to Election 2008

As the race for the 2008 presidential election heats up with primaries, caucuses and debates across the country, kids might sense the excitement, but they may not completely understand the political process. The Internet can help. Here are a few sites that will be useful.Scholastic News Online

Scholastic News Online, a news site for kids, has a kids’ guide to the presidential election. The site offers a wealth of information about the political process told in a manner that children in grades three to eight can understand.  The step-by-step guide takes kids through the process as if they were running for president. 

Matt Lauer sat down with Scholastic Kid Reporter Chris Johnson to talk about his experience and pass on some tips about how to cover an election campaign.

 Scholastic Kid Reporters find out what life on the campaign trail is like for family members of the presidential candidates.

Not only are there news stories to read, but there are also games and other interactive activities including a scavenger hunt, which sends kids to some of the candidates’ Web sites to find information. Kids will be able to vote in a mock primary and a mock election.

The site has all the materials for teachers to make Election 2008 teachable, relevant, and exciting to students.

Scholastic  provides an excellent jumping-off point for further discussion about the election. By understanding the process, kids can start to think about the issues.

Scholastic News Online is located at

Online NewsHour

For teens interested in learning more about the differences between the candidates, Online NewsHour, the Web site of the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, offers a helpful and fun resource. The candidates vying for their party’s nomination have each submitted their opinions on 10 key issues, including immigration, environment, the U.S. role in Iraq and health care. Teens can explore those positions by taking an issue quiz where they can learn about the candidates through their platforms, not their personalities. At the end of the quiz, the site tabulates the votes so that you can discover which candidate you agree with most.    


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