Fun with books on President’s Day

I hope those of you who have a holiday today are enjoying yourselves!

I’m constantly amazed by people who have the time to create things like “The Book Quiz“. At this little site you answer a series of questions and then find out what book best describes your personality. It’s really fun and is a great ice-breaker activity for a group!

My other fun book-related Web 2.0 tool is LibraryThing.  This nifty little Web 2.0 application allows you to keep track of all of the books you’ve read during a year (something I’ve always wanted to do but I never managed to be able to keep up with a paper list). I think there are a lot of potential uses in schools to promote reading, to support reading groups, to share ideas, etc. There’s a large group of Librarians Who LibraryThing, Read YA Lit, book discussion group, and a School Library group. As with so many things, it’s a question of finding time!

In addition to tracking my yearly reading, I’m also going back to trying to build my all time 5-star books (using the LibraryThing rating system). If you go to my library  and sort by rating you’ll see what they are!

Judi Repman


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  1. Another cool feature of LibraryThing is that you can make a widget to display random titles of your fav books…you can see ours at and scroll toward the bottom of the menu table. 🙂

    Fun! Thanks for the links to the librarian groups!

    Buffy Hamilton

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