February Tip for the New Media Specialist

Scenario: It is 8:00 a.m. “Ms. Prepared” will be arriving with her 5th grade Social Studies class at 8:15.  Over the last week, you spent several planning periods with Ms. Prepared designing a Webquest lesson for her students. To ensure that students maximize their time in the media center, you completed the following tasks before their arrival: checked the Webquest to ensure that all links were active, that the resource list was visible in Destiny and that the presentation area was setup for the whole group introduction. Finally, you are ready to receive Ms. Prepared’s class.

It is 8:11 a.m. You watched “Ms. No Lesson Plan” walk into the media center and confer with your media clerk. After a minute or so, she walked out. You asked the clerk if Ms.  No Lesson Plan needed special assistance. Your clerk informed you that Ms. No Lesson Plan was about to bring her class into the media center to locate a current event using periodicals and electronic resources.  What do you do? Do you inhale and exhale and politely speak to Ms. No Lesson Plan? Perhaps you suggest that she send 4-5 students at a time to use the periodical section since Ms. Prepared’s students will be using the 15 student workstations.  I’m sure you handle this situation like the true professional that you are.  Do you feel the urge to vent?

Tip: Start a personal diary and use it for venting, instead of complaining to your family or colleagues. The diary can also be used to jot down ideas, including new procedures that you could make in the future, anecdotes, and best practices.

Rosalind Dennis


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