AASL at ALA Midwinter in Philadelphia

ALA Midwinter Conference was in Philadelphia this year-where it was actually warmer than it was here in Georgia! There were many things going on of interest to school library media specialists.

aasl_cover.jpgThe new AASL Standards for the 21st-Century Learner

These were released by AASL last October and have been the subject of much discussion on the AASL Blog as well as LM_NET. I sat on the committee that wrote these standards and feel very strongly that they can shape our profession for the future. I think the confusion comes in because now people are wondering “OK, so now what do I do with them.” There are two more task forces working on this topic right now. I am on the one that is dealing with writing indicators and assessments to go with the standards and there is another task force that is working on developing guidelines to go with them. At the meetings in Philly many states shared ways that they have already have begun charting how these new standards can be integrated into their state curriculum. So be on the lookout for more to come on these new standards.


The AASL Affiliate Assembly meeting is always one of my favorite events. Library media specialists from all over the nation gather in one room to share what is going on in their state in our profession. I love to hear what is going on in other states and share what we are doing here in Georgia. I always feel extremely lucky for how good we do have it here in Georgia compared to other states. This also provides a time for the AASL Board of Directors to report back to what they are doing in response to concerns from the Affiliates. Sarah Kelly Johns, AASL President shared that the Board has decided to set up a task force on the issue of Reading Comprehension and the role of the school library media specialist and program in instruction.


School Library Media Month is coming up soon in April. AASL has set up a task force to help come up with a toolkit of materials and resources for building level SLMS to use to promote this. I am chairing this task force and will be looking for ideas. So if you have done something great to promote this before in your school please email your ideas to me. Also we have been working on a poster for School Library Media Month that will tie in with the Kit: An American Girl movie that will be coming out in July- here is the trailer: http://www.americangirl.com/movie/. The poster will be mailed to all AASL members in March and will have integration activities developed by our task force on the back of it.


Melissa P. Johnston (melissap@mindspring.com) Library Media Specialist, Silver City Elementary School

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