Two Months Left To Vote For Your Favorite Peaches!

March 14th is this year’s deadline for students to vote for the 2007-2008 Georgia Peach Book Awards.  If you need extra ballots, the tally spreadsheet, sample booktalks or discussion guides,  they’re all available for downloading at the website.

Please e-mail the tally spreadsheets to by March 14, to determine the top three Georgia Peach books.  These winners will be announced at Kennesaw State University’s Annual Conference on Literature for Children and Adolescents on Thursday, March 27th.                         

 I hope students are enjoying the books this year, we have some great titles!  I hope you have been reading them as well and having some insightful discussions with your students. 

Our committee is already planning ahead for the 2008-2009 school year.   We’ve received over 75 title suggestions and will be finishing up the reading of them in the next two weeks.  Then the fun part happens…we get to sit around and fight for our favorites to make the top 20 nominees!!!  (hopefully no blood will be shed in this process)

As always, feel free to post questions or send Amy Golemme and me questions any time!  We love to hear from you!

Julie Hatcher (  Mill Creek HS

Amy Golemme (  Collins Hill HS


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  1. Yes, my students vote on the ballots. I have the books on a separate cart (as I do for the Georgia Children’s Books, too) and the ballots are there by the books. However, I was at a meeting this week and they had ballots in the books ready to check out. As students check the Peach book out, they already have the ballot with the book. I thought that was a great idea.

    Kris Woods

  2. Cool Kris!!!
    Are they voting on ballots too? I love your podcast idea, very creative!

  3. The Peach Award books are a hit at my school. Currently, Dead Connection is the 4th most checked out book. I have created podcasts for many of the books. Our students are listening to the podcasts and answering questions on my blog. You can listen to the podcasts at

    Kris Woods

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