New NBPTS Media Specialists

On December 4, the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards announced the newest National Board Certified Teachers.  The NBPTS is a voluntary certification that recognizes what accomplished educators know and are able to do in order to advance the quality of teaching and learning.

Candidates reflect on their practice in the classroom, school, and community and how their practice impacts student achievement.  The NBPTS recognizes library media specialists who teach students ages 3-18+ and who know the range of information literacy, instructional collaboration, and the integration of technology.

NBPTS candidates in library media develop a portfolio including the following (from the NBPTS website):

  1. Demonstrate that your teaching practice meets the Library Media Standards
  2. Have access to a class in which 51% of the students are ages 3 through 18+ during the 12 months prior to the submission of your portfolio entries
  3. Submit instructional materials and videotapes in English and/or Spanish showing your interactions with your students
  4. Demonstrate your ability to collaborate with others in your instructional community to create, plan, and implement learning experiences and assess student learning, using a variety of resources
  5. Demonstrate your ability to foster an appreciation of literature in your students and demonstrate your ability to create an inviting and supportive library media center environment that provides equal access to all learners
  6. Demonstrate effective selection and integration of technologies into the instructional program and foster learners’ understanding of the ethical or legal use of information
  7. Present evidence of how you impact student learning through your work with students’ families and community and through your development as a learner and as a leader/collaborator

Congratulations to Georgia’s newest NBPTS Media Specialists:

Amy Altman

Juliana Anglada

Teresa Kent

Marilyn Wilson

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