Library Media Specialist of the Year Applications

Do you think you have what it takes to be Georgia’s next Library Media Specialist of the Year? Are you a member of GLMA or GAIT? Do you collaborate regularly with your teachers and come up with great programs? Does your library program help boost student achievement at your school? Have you connected with your school’s community and involve parents & families with your media center?Go ahead and toot your own horn, ladies and gentlemen! Visit the Georgia Library Media Association web page and download the 2008 application for LMSOTY. Then check with your system’s coordinator or your District Chairperson to check on local deadlines that may already be in place.


Here’s the 411:

1) Each school system will have to select a date for their application deadline in order to get their system winner’s application to the GLMA office by April 1, 2008. There should be a committee in place at the system level to select a Library Media Specialist of the Year and then appropriately recognize the winner. Check with your System Coordinator or veteran colleagues if you are unsure of your system’s process and deadlines.

2) The system applications must be at the GLMA office by April 1, 2008 so that they can be forwarded to the District chairpersons for the selection of the District LMSOTY.

3) The District LMSOTY committee must have their final selection made and to the GLMA LMSOTY Chairperson for selection of the State winner at the Summer Conference. The GLMA Chairperson will head a committee of GLMA and GAIT representatives for this final judging.

4) You MUST be a current member of GLMA or GAIT to be considered for this honor. Applicants without membership in one or both organizations will not be considered.


Don’t go through life being an unsung hero! Share your successes! If you think you’ve got what it takes (and you probably do), visit the GLMA Website today, download your application, and get started! You may just have the best program in the State!

Susan Grigsby, Teacher-Librarian
Elkins Pointe Middle School
Alpharetta, Georgia


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