Library media specialists from around the state converged on the Georgia International Convention Center for the 20th Anniversary of the GaETC in November.  Over 2700 attendees at the conference were welcomed by Dr. Traci Redish and enjoyed a presentation by keynote speaker David Pogue from the New York Times during the Opening Session.  He is the tech critic at the Times and reviews new technologies and introduced us to some cutting edge technologies concerning cell phones, VOIP, and Voice to Text services.

There were 250 concurrent sessions ranging from digital movie making to new Google tools and aligned math instruction with technology.  On Thursday, Judy Serritella sponsored the Exemplary and Exceptional Library Media Programs (see related post).

I found this conference a wonderful way to learn more about the pedagogical uses of Web 2.0 technologies. With podcasting, blogs, wikis, and other Web 2.0 tools being used more often there seems to be a shift to truly engaging students in their learning through using these tools to increase student achievement. 

Some tidbits from the sessions I attended:

Dr. Curtis Bonk from Indiana discussed the Wonders of Web 2.0 using the phrase WE ALL LEARN to highlight ten “openers” (versus Friedman’s “flatteners”) leading to participatory learning. Web searching, e-learning, online learning portals, collaboration technologies, and real-time mobility are but a few of his openers.

Hall Davidson wants us to “think big as the world gets small.”  The entire content library available to us through GPB and Unitedstreaming can fit on an iPod! How incredible is that!? (See this brochure by Craig Coleman from his presentation at COMO about using iPods as a Videostreaming library.)

Dr. Mike Dishman from Kennesaw State gave a riveting presentation on “Copyright or Copywrong” and helped us through the copyright mire and the four factors of fair use with some excellent examples and scenarios.

Patrick Crispen from CSU at Long Beach discussed engaging students with free Internet-enabled tech using a three pronged approach: information literacy, taxonomy/folksonomy, and college prep citing these three Internet sites:

ACRL Information Literacy

Center for Educational Policy Research

During the Birds of a Feather Media Specialists session led by Judy Serritella, Cawood Cornelius, and Robbie Reasoner we learned the state of media services in Georgia including the announcement of media services moving to the curriculum department in GaDOE.  Among other things discussed, media specialists learned…

there are new AASL learning standards, new ISTE NETS, an updated version of Scholastic’s School Libraries Work!

about Georgia Read More authors and Meet the Author DVDs

new interfaces for GALILEO go online in January 2008

Did you attend GaETC 2007?  Tell us about the sessions you attended by leaving a comment with the information you would like to share.

Kris Woods, Media Specialist, M.A. Teasley Middle School, Canton

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